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Connecting Kickbox + AWeber to Maintain a Healthy Email List

The following is a guest blog article written by Jessica Martinez, the marketing whiz-bang over at Kickbox, a company which helps email marketers support their email standing by separating low-quality email addresses from high-value contacts. She is responsible for electronic branding, engagement & content creation for the Dallas-based startup. Before Jessica got caught up by email verification powerhouse, Kickbox, she made her marketing stripes working at a leading ecommerce brand for over a decade.

Email remains the best channel for getting a good return on investment. According to many digital marketing experts, that is not going to change anytime soon. That said, if you use email marketing, you are probably busy strategizing & dreaming up clever campaigns to increase conversions & build your email list.

After all, effective list building is at the core of any good email marketing plan.

But are you taking it too far?

Signs you might be an email hoarder.

Just as you could collect and save mass amounts of anything, it is also possible to hold on to subscribers in your email list. Not sure if you are hoarding emails? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you obsess over the number of subscribers on the list?
  • Do you seek yourself boasting about the size of your email list to friends/colleagues?
  • When someone unsubscribes from your list do you cringe and feel a sense of pain?
  • When you have a new subscriber do you experience a euphoric feeling?
  • Does the thought of parting with any of the email addresses on the list make you ill?

If you have answered “YES” to any of these questions, then you may be an email hoarder.

While a large subscribe list does not necessarily mean you are hoarding emails, if you are concentrated solely on building your list and/or have never consider clearing out the clutter, your good intentions could quickly get out of hand. Email hoarding happens slowly over time, and many marketers do not even realize they have a problem until it is too late – that occurs when they notice any of the following:

  • High Bounce Rates – Bounce rates approaching 10 percent
  • High Volume of Business Emails – B2B lists tend to degrade quicker than B2C lists.
  • Old Lists – The older the list, the better the risk.
  • Poor Email Performance – Your emails aren’t converting like they used to.
  • Warning from ESP – Your ESP will suspend/block your account if you have too many bounces/invalid email addresses before putting their network at risk.

Thankfully, however, there is a cure.

Kickbox, the cure for a cluttered email list.

No one is pointing fingers. We have all been guilty of email hoarding at some point in our marketing careers. But you should understand that list building without routine list maintenance could have serious ramifications.
All email addresses aren’t created equal. People change jobs, change names, switch email supporters, use fake or disposable addresses, hit the wrong keys/buttons, you name it. But when that happens, it could prevent your emails from getting into the inbox.
Additionally, a list riddled with incorrect data could damage your sender reputation and negatively impact email performance. Here is the general rule for maintaining subscriber lists for both B2C & B2B business owners:

  • B2B lists should be cleansed every 6 months due to high turnover.
  • B2C lists should be cleansed at least once a year.

Where does Kickbox fit in?

Kickbox is a list cleaning powerhouse that letsAWeber users to check the health of their email lists & identify the good, the bad and the ugly email addresses lurking in their database. The seamless integration allows you easily pass data back & forth between AWeber& the Kickbox app to help you clear the clutter in a matter of minutes.

Kickbox will support you with a plethora of data about each email address, letting you know if the address isUndeliverableRisky, Deliverable, – even DisposableAccept AllRole&Free.
They also support an additional metric, called the Sendex™ Score, which lets you to further rank the quality of every email address based on their proprietary scoring system.
Armed with this data, you could make informed, stress-free decisions about which emails to keep, which emails you should ditch, plus you could segment to your heart’s content.

Kickbox + AWeber

To see how connecting Kickbox with your AWeber account could help you easily maintain your email list, check out the video below:


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Why You Shouldn’t Give Up on Twitter Just Yet 14/3

Why You Shouldn’t Give Up on Twitter Just Yet 14/3

Since its launch in June 2006, Twitter became one of the dominant social media platforms, used by consumers & marketers alike as a hub of information for both recreational and professional purposes. While news about Twitter’s decline in revenue and usage may be giving some marketers pause about their future with the platform, there’re still many reasons to take it gravely as a marketing channel for brands.

Twitter provides the ability to access real-time insights, provide customer service, forecast important trends, while the platform is constantly evolving for integration with larger third-party organizations, ultimately giving brands the opportunity to make larger, more meaningful, real-time connections with audiences.

Let’s take a look at a few key reasons you should not give up on Twitter just yet.

  1. Twitter Provides a Platform for Real-Time Customer Service

According to J.D. Powers, 67% of customers opt not to email their complaints to a brand or to call a customer service line, instead using social media for this purpose, Nielsen reports that 33% of consumers prefer to contact brands through a mention or DM on Twitter. Only go to any hospitality Twitter account (Marriott, Hilton, etc.), click on “Tweets & replies” and you will get an inside look at just how many people reach out with questions, concerns, complaints or compliments.

If you engage with customers for customer service on social media, be prepared for their expectations – which may be daunting for smaller businesses with limited customer service staff.

32% of consumers expect a response to their customer service complaint within 30 minutes, 42% expect one within 60 minutes.

Companies who use Twitter for customer service could have a system or employees in place to answer to these questions raised by customers in a timely manner.

  1. Twitter Provides a Source of Real-Time Research & Insights

Because millions of people are tweeting their feelings, opinions, and daily happenings, Twitter is a hub of real-time news data, which researchers can analyze & use to their advantage. And, with 80% of Twitter’s audience on mobile, the platform has embraced the mobile-first culture we live in.

From a research perspective, for instance, researchers were better able to track varied phenomena such as the spread of the flu virus from 2012 to 2013, as well as the opinions consumers had on the Apple Watch’s battery life via tweet interactions. Researchers have found a positive correlation between the increases in social media posts & increases in subway ridership. Twitter can serve significant community purpose, helping public transportation officials predict & react to passenger surges during big events.

Twitter has even been used to connect food-poisoning-related tweets to restaurants, which has resulted in the decline in the thousands of food poisoning incidents & hundreds of hospitalizations.

Some New York Times reporters are tweeting out “mini-stories” about political news that are never published in the main publication, making Twitter the only place posts are seen.

The amount of data & insight available on Twitter should not be overlooked or ignored.

  1. Twitter’s Marketing & Advertising Features are Constantly Evolving

As usage of social media evolves & new competitive platforms arise, Twitter has kept up in several ways.

For instance, last year, Twitter provided a new idea for advertisers to target advertising based on emojis. Another big change for both marketers & consumers was Twitter’s update to keep images from counting against a Tweet’s 140 character limit. The developments have given brands more opportunity to provide additional imagery & rich content, without sacrificing the quality of their posts.

As time goes on, Twitter will go on introduce new features to keep brands & advertisers using the platform. The key to making this valuable lies in the ability to keep consumers engaged and using the platform.

They say, if the audience is engaged, the ROI will follow.


As noted, despite negative financial news of late & constant improvements from the competition, Twitter still serves many uses & shouldn’t be discounted by brands looking for increased exposure, targeted advertising chances, and a viable customer service channel.

On a recreational level, the platform could be used to gain a better understanding of everything from what your friends / favorite celebrities are to up to, how your favorite sports team is faring, what politicians are thinking. But for marketers, Twitter data could be analyzed to identify high-level findings that can assist in forecasting future trends – capitalizing on related opportunities.

Whether you are a marketer looking to see if you are newly launched campaign is performing, a researcher trying to track & predict seismic activity, or anyone in between, Twitter is the best platform for real-time news and insights.

Those insights can be extremely valuable.

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Industry Experts Share Their #1 Email List Building Tactic

Industry Experts Share Their #1 Email List Building Tactic

Email marketing helps you build relationships, grow your community & drive traffic to your website again & again. It is non-negotiable for the modern marketer.

And our industry friends agree: We asked them to share the number one list building tactic that helped them develop their own email list so you could start seeing the success of your own.

  1. When it comes to your sign up form, less is more

Erin King, Sr. Email Marketing Manager at Litmus

A painless sign-up process is necessary when building a list. When potential subscribers are first opting into your list, it could be tempting to ask them for a large amount of information. But a lengthy sign up form could lead to a higher rate of sign-up abandonment.

Keep your sign up form fields to a minimum — at most, a name & email address. This is the start of your relationship with the subscribers, so no need to overwhelm them with many questions. As you build trust with them, you can employ tactics like progressive profiling to learn more.

A painless signup process is essential when building a list. @Ultra_K @LitmusApp

  1. Make your sign up formwork harder for you

Chad White, Research Director at Litmus

I am a fan of strengthening strengths. Your best subscribers come from owned acquisition sources — your website, stores, call center, mobile app & other sources close to your shopping & customer service operations — so I recommend supporting those.

Make them work harder for you by:

  • Making sign-up chances prominent during key interaction points
  • Reducing unnecessary & low-value fields on sign up forms to reduce friction
  • Making the sign up value proposition stronger
  • Setting clear expectations as to what new subscribers can receive & how often
  • Optimizing the sign up form call-to-action

Small improvements to these subscriber acquisition sources are valuable because subscribers you acquire through these sources are much more valuable than ones you attract elsewhere. So start A/B testing today.

Set clear expectations as to what new subscribers will receive and how often. @ChadSWhite @LitmusApp

  1. Get social

Kristen Dunleavy, Content Marketing Manager at Movable Ink

When you insert contextual elements to your emails, you show your audience that you really ‘get’ them. A way to build your list with context is by adding a live social feed to your emails. Give your social followers a heads up & tell them to sign up for your list to check it out. 

This helps create buzz around your email list & gives you the chance to showcase user-generated content in emails.


When you add contextual elements to your emails, you show your audience that you really ‘get’ them.

  1. Ask your audiences what they want

Amy Schmittauer, Founder of Savvy Sexy Social

Anytime my audience gives me an idea of something they want/need, I try to create the ultimate lead magnet around that so I could grow my list. It’s a win-win for everyone because I have specifically offered them something they asked for in return for contact information. Instead of guessing what your audience wants, ask & create the very best thing you could offer. They will opt-in happily knowing you listened!

Instead of just guessing what your audience wants, ask and create the very best thing you could offer. @Schmittastic

  1. Add an integration to the mix

Noah Kagan, Chief Sumo at SumoMe

Use Welcome Mat from SumoMe and make custom versions for different pages & different traffic sources.

Use Welcome Mat from @SumoMe and make custom versions for different pages and traffic sources.

  1. Promote on your podcast

Nick Loper, Chief Side Hustler at Side Hustle Nation

The list building tactic I have found most effective is creating content-specific opt-in offers & linking those in the post or mentioning those on the podcast. The simplest way to do it is just to make a PDF version of the post to download & read later. If you have a really long epic article, this could be surprisingly effective.

Create a PDF version of the post to download and read later. #ListBuilding #EmailMarketing

  1. Leverage your expertise

Carl Sednaoui, Director of Marketing at MailCharts

As an entrepreneur, you are likely to have expertise in whatever your business focuses on. Leverage that expertise to create & distribute valuable educational content. This would help you connect with your community while growing your reputation & email list. 37 Signals, the company behind Basecamp, are firms believers in promotion through education.

We have had tremendous success with this exact approach at MailCharts. This is why we have created everything from email courses, to ebooks, to full reports.

Leverage your expertise to connect with your community and grow your email list. #ListBuilding

  1. Do not underestimate word-of-mouth

Mike Nelson, Email Geek at Really Good Emails

As for the best list building tactic, word of mouth is what we go for. Seems strange in a digital world full of pop-ups & form fields, but we try to be out-of-the-box & give the reader something to talk about. Whether it is our strange humor about a subject/providing an interesting article about a new plan, we want people to have a connection with emails so they tell their colleagues where they got the info.

Word of mouth is what we go for. Seems strange in a digital world full of pop-ups and forms.

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Buy Ecom Hunt and Get Discount

Ecom Hunt : Shopify Handpicked Dropshipping Products

Introducing ecom Hunt

Welcome to Ecomhunt review .One of the very best ways of earning a living in this present era is earning via the internet. If you’re not earning through the internet, you are in the Victorian era, neglecting the most potent tool to make a fantastic sum of money.

There are tons of people that are maximizing the ability of the modern online facility to make a large sum of money and cater for their needs before affecting their day to day job; sometimes they create a passive income through the internet that is paying them what their occupation could not afford.Buy Ecom Hunt and Get Discount

The most fascinating part of the internet is that there are many ways through which you can make a whole lot of money.

One of those ways is to set up an online store; you can make money by setting up an internet store which would not give you a whole lot of stress just like the physical store. You can sell your merchandise on the Shopify shop, Amazon, eBay, and others.

Among the most booming business in the world this century is through the e-commerce. You might have trouble setting up a Shopify shop, but git pissed off after getting stuck along the line, thereby killing your dream of owning an internet store.

You may have been told that setting up a Shopify store and selling your products on Shopify is simple.

Yes! It isn’t a difficult task whatsoever, but there are some aspects that, if considered, will enhance your sales massively and you consequently earn more income. One of this factor is to find a winning Shopify shop.

A daunting task that is generally faced by e-commerce store owners is to find a winning product on Shopify; it may be difficult and time-consuming as lots of people are competing with different sorts of products with each edging out each other in price and quality.

So it Is very important for a Shopify shop owner to find a winning product which you can sell on your Shopify store to receive a enormous sales and generate enormous revenue.

Tools That Can help you to obtain a winning product on your Shopify store.

Have you been stressed out while finding a winning product for your Shopify company and still end up with a bad one? Have you your store not been yielding revenues as you’ve wished for? Have you been thinking of a means of improving your earnings through the selling of winning merchandise on your Shopify store?

In the end, we’ll have shown you how to find the best and winning products which you may sell to improve your online store in this competitive world of Shopify.

Sometimes while browsing through the internet, you will come across lots of tools which are said to be a means of getting you winning products, but most times these tools end up to be unreal and fair, some will not even worth giving a try.

What’s Ecom Hunt?

The definition given based on Ecom search is that”Ecom search is the curation of the best of the merchandise and the newest of them, that shows up in the marketplace on a daily basis.”

To simply say, Ecom search is one of the most legitimate ways to look for winning and hot products on your Shopify store on a daily basis. It allows you to hunt for the best selling merchandise, sexy product and will let you capitalise on new products with a high sales percentage that can be sold in your Shopify store to boost your sales and provides you with a very significant volume of sales.

Using Ecom hunt will manually add a winning product to your online shop on a day to day basis, this will allow you to spend less time on poor products and wasting your money on products that are immaterial.

Ecom hunt is going to do the most laborious work of searching for winning products that can be found on online stores, find products that are quickly selling in shops such as AliExpress. Among the conventional measures taken by Ecom hunt that sets it apart from others is that Ecom hunt will show you all of the details and information about the most popular products including the ads, your competitors strategy and how your competition is working out the product.

With Ecom hunt, you’ll be able to find enough information regarding the best selling product to market on your Shopify store. With this, Ecom search will permit you to save a lot of money, time and energy in manually searching for winning products that can help improve your sales and output in the e-commerce industry.

After finding the winning product and most popular products through the Ecom hunt, all you will need to do is to select these goods, invest your money and begin adding the products to your Shopify store which will, in turn, attract customers to your store and increase your income and revenue, boom! Your bank account will increase in figures.

Features of Ecomhunt ;

  • Among the distinctive features available on Ecomhunt is that it provides you information on the product engagement for all associated ads.
  • Ecomhunt displays the Facebook Ads for almost any product you select to have more information about.
  • Ecomhunt allows you to get started with a paid account and an outstanding”demo” account.
  • It displays all of the information regarding the product and the various dates in the outcomes.
  • It shows you with liable details about the Shopify store that is selling the winning and best selling products.

What sets Ecomhunt apart from other tools uses for hunting winning products?

What makes Ecom hunt stand out and different from other products is their legitimate means of finding out winning products and their way of supplying valuable information concerning the best selling products that provide their users with useful ideas that help them stand out in the Shopify competition.

Using their hunting tools, you will acquire valuable information about winning tools which can help you generate more customers in your stores and also enables you to create more earning.

Besides, you can even invest more and subscribe for the pro version for more conversion sales, and this will enable you to get access to some features that will give you chances over others.

As a professional member will have access to features like getting information about hot and winning products on Shopify, you will also be opportune to know the new products which are less known by other members of their Shopify shop.

You should also be aware that for all the features of this product that you will have access to on Ecom hunt These statistics and information of the products will be available to you

The Facebook Ads is one of the very best ways that will help you in getting information about a product that you would like to select and the Facebook Ads which are already running for the item. On the Facebook Ads, you’ll have access to the links that will lead you to the shops along with the Facebook Ads which are associated with the hyperlink.

Another information which you’ll be getting together with the connection is the actual video that’s currently employed by the shop and all essential information on an advertisement that is connected with the shop and that product specifically.
This available information and information will be of greater help that you show to your clients particularly the ones that don’t have any idea for the Ad copy and those who don’t have videos about the product.

Links to videos that can be of great significance to your shop
The more significant portion of the chances rendered by the Ecom hunt is that Ecom search generally offers you a purposeful products copy that you could add to your Shopify store.

Without an iota of doubt, it’s one of the most effective tools that can assist you in getting tons of Ad copies from the manufacturer of your desired product.

After getting the necessary details and movie links of your goods through Ecom search, all you will need to do is to bring a few Facebook videos right on the item page of your Shopify shop, this will truly assist you in relating easily with your customers and permit them to have access to vital information concerning the product.

Access to Social Media Statistics and Profit Margins

Another scintillating characteristic of Ecom hunt is you will be getting enough information about the engagement rates of adverts and you will be able to view all of the current profit margins of the goods.

This crucial information will be critical to your store as you will also have the details of any product that you wish to display on your Shopify shop, get their greatest ratings and also know the item that is mostly ordered.

Ecom hunt will also ensure that you’ll be getting pieces of information about the number of Shares the merchandise is having, the number of likes it is possessing, the amount of comments from its customers and buyers alike.

All these will enable you to understand”How popular the product is.” This analysis will help you in selecting the best selling product that will bring huge revenue and enormous customers to your store.

How To Target Customers

One of the elements which make you a successful online seller is to know your target market. Before you sell a product, you must know about who your customers are, their nation, the age of your target audience, their curiosity, their interaction with these kinds of products and backgrounds. All these will assist you in selecting the right place to set your advertisement and promote your products.

With Ecom hunt, you will be provided with bits of information about your target market; you will have more details about their reactions to similar products, this will enable you to have a better understanding of how and where you can place your products for a massive outcome.

Ecom hunt is assimilated with a feature which lets you know more about the participation of a product. The feature allows you to have an idea about the amount of people that have already purchased the product.

One unique attraction to this search tool is that you have access to the product reviews from customers who have already purchased the product and product review from the purchaser.

The advantages of using Ecomhunt and it’s additional benefits
Ecom hunt has given other advantages to provide their customers with a great experience, easy access, and simplicity.

To enjoy these advantages, the tool is in a software company that is readily available for web intarsia, tutorials, winners club, blogs and other high modes that are enlisted below.

Facebook Ads Hunter

The Ecom hunt tool is integrated with the terrific feature which lets you know more about your competitors Facebook Ads performance, their details, and information. This attribute is one of the best. With this, you are able to hunt down the Facebook Ads of your opponents without stressing yourself.

Since this Facebook Ads is running along with some useful information, the Ecom hunt feature will make it possible for you to locate the details of your opponents Facebook Ads functionality, make sure analysis of how its working and also have a more in depth information about the country your competitors are targeting during that period, the chrome extension enables this feature to work properly.

Sometimes in life, we’ve got the necessary tools, but we do not know how to use the tool correctly to maximise its potential and utilize the tool judiciously. With Ecom search, this is not the case, tons of Webinars and helpful tutorials will be offered to assist your E-commerce store in a variety of ways.

It’s unusual that many people do neglect the significance of Webinars, contents, and tutorials, some great tips will be offered to you to help you maximize this opportunity.

When you subscribe for the Ecom hunt tool, you will be given a comprehensive video to serve as a self-training section and a Webinars which will assist first-time customers and beginners about how to use this tool to improve their internet business.

Although sometimes you will discover that not all available Webinars and tutorials can be found for the free users, lots of sections of the tutorials and Webinars can be found for your pro members only.

This is because it’s just like additional benefits to expert when you pay for the Ecom hunt software, and you are getting tutorials added training and Webinars for free. From a sincere viewpoint, it is advisable to subscribe to the pro version to allow you to get access to these opportunities and gain most from it.

The Winners Club

The winners team is a forum whereby pros discuss and engage themselves in discussing methods and ways of maximizing their online stores.

As Ecom hunt creates this forum as a way of helping their online sellers in building their stores by providing them with goods which are winning and bestselling, this products can be advertised right in their Shopify stores and other online stores.

The winners team also celebrate the accomplishment of their members and makes them improve more.

On this forum, all the winners will be provided a free Ecom search T-shirt for their achievement, hard work and dedication. Successful members will also be given a opportunity to be put on the winner’s wall.

The Ecom search gives users a free version, but with that, the user will only have limited access to products which may not assist in providing a great deal of sales as expected as the outcomes of the product that will be displayed will also be accessed by many different people using the free version. Also, instead of getting more products information, you may only be given access to two products per day which is limited.
Another disadvantage of this free version is that detailed information about the product won’t be supplied, detailed insights into the Facebook Ads, links, videos and a lot more that will aid your investigation won’t be provided.


Without mincing words, I will highly recommend anyone who desires to utilize the Ecom hunt software to go for the pro version to have access to the full selection of information, details of the Advertising, tutorials and Webinars. Another additional benefit of subscribing to the pro version is that you will be given access to the Ad Hunter expansion that is a very important tool which helps you to collect all the information about your competitors Facebook Ads Campaigns.

My final verdict on the Ecomhunt

If you want to improve your business and your online shop, if you would like to understand the most winning and best selling products that can help you generate plenty of customers and enhance your earnings and earnings conversion, then Ecom hunt is the best tool to use in achieving your goals.

What set Ecom search apart is that it provides you additional benefits such as video tutorials, Webinars which makes you maximize the tool efficiently and one noticeable characteristic of the tool is that it comes with an affordable price and it is very affordable.

Besides getting a searching tool in Ecom hunt, you will be provided with Facebook Ads insights, products links, products videos, and user participation all along with a sensible review and other details that assist you In assessing your products strength. You enjoy several providers in a row.

Last, I will highly recommend that you need to go for the pro version of Ecom hunt whenever you’re subscribing as this will grant you access to unlimited winning products and lots of promising bestselling products. You can feel free to share your thoughts about this amazing tool named Ecom hunt in the comment section.

GrooveKart Review by Real User

What is GrooveKart?

As mentioned above, GrooveKart is a new eCommerce platform which has outrageously powerful standard features than the platforms at one low price.

GrooveKart is easier, better, and more affordable, with features built-in without having to pay for apps. Consider mainly it as a Shopify competitor with lower charges.

High converting templates, timers, scarcity proof, testimonials, funnels, upsells, downsells, bumps, retargeting, analytics, and much more.

You can sell your products with variants like size and colours, you can have categories, powerful reporting, analytics intelligence, client lookup, powerful shipping attributes, powerful Free programs, an integrated support desk, and customize your look and feel.

My favorite part — You can switch from your Shopify store in seconds with the import feature of Groove Kart.

GrooveKart Review by Real User


  • Here is the killer list, though all the GrooveKart features are listed on the official website:
  • A true plug and play solution: the user interface of Groove Kart is beginner-friendly. It is straightforward and easy to use with no web developers needed.
  • Taking payments is easy: You are never charged a fee per transaction as other eCommerce platforms do. The payments can be accepted by you from around the world. (Groove Kart currently supports PayPal, Stripe, and Authorize)
  • Click and promote: You don’t require any coding. Make a few clicks and you start making sales. You will find an increase in conversions.
    Easy switch from Shopify
  • 1-Click spells: You can add unlimited spells without being charged extra.
  • GrooveKart Studio drag and drop page builder, product design tool, layer app which allows you to drag any pattern on apparel like even shoes, sneakers, tote bags, and backpacks and so much more. The studio also has the GK AliConnect with automated drop shipping and
  • Print on Demand Apparel.
  • Built-in helpdesk.

Cost to SignUp

People normally search for the actual cost for the GrooveKart platform. So, let me inform that there are pricing strategies when you decide to sign-up:

  • Annual Pricing ($997 — today $497 per year) — THE BEST

The Plan which is further divided into:

  • The Starter plan ($79 per month)
  • Platinum subscriptions ($149 — today $99 per month) — THE BETTER

You can pay through your Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover card. If that is not enough, you may pay via PayPal. I think the payment options are broad here

P.S. — All the GrooveKart features are unlocked and ready to use.

Groove Kart offers a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee in your license access.

This means if you are not satisfied with the platform, you need to email the support team and ask for a refund within 30 days.

Also, if you opted for the payment program and/or don’t need your card to be billed, email before a debit. It is better not to task a chance, though the team is kind enough to hear your petition.

Email them on time!

Where to Login?

You need to know that an email is received by you immediately after you enroll/pay for the stage.
And, if you have not received any email, there are possible reasons:

  • The email went into the spam folder
  • Login was not generated due to technical glitches.

My Groove Kart Review

GrooveKart ReviewHonestly speaking, GrooveKart has made my business much easier. You don’t have to think about the expenses or transaction fee which other platforms charge.

Also, the drag and drop elements make the shop construction experience more exciting. I like how quickly one can design products such as wall paintings, cups, cushion covers, t-shirts, as well as sneakers. You will find over 300 pre-made premium layouts for your shop!

Further, a free ticket into the GrooveKon Live event makes me more happy. At least, I do not have to bear the travel expense and pay also for attending the annual events.

However, something that’s missing is the lack of training videos and the tutorials. You’ll need to spend some time to understand how the process works.

And, if you’re new to e-commerce, then you’ll need some training as well.

Good news: Mike Filsaime and John Cornetta will be publishing a more detailed course with the training videos in January 2019. It will have all the information handy to build and scale your business.

Additionally, your account will be upgraded automatically. So, even if you subscribed to the GrooveKart platform during its launch, you will still receive access to this course at no extra cost.

Now, if you are considering what was different in the beta, then it was the discounted price and opportunity that is testing. Since Groove Kart has been launched for the first time, members may have come across some technical glitches.

Affiliate Sign Up

If you would like to create money with the platform and wish to refer it to your audience, here’s the link to sign up for GrooveKart affiliate program.

Ensure that you follow affiliate guidelines and the instructions carefully. Never violate the conditions of use you won’t be paid the earned commissions.


With your subscription via my link, you get bonuses like never before.

Obviously, these will help you establish company and your e-commerce store. No irrelevant or off the subject bonus pack!

Bonus #1– FREE Domain Name

At NO Price, you can get a domain name of your choice with the GrooveKart subscription through my connection

Bonus #2 — Traffic Worth $400 (PROMISED!)

So, if you sign up through my link, I will send traffic to your webpage value $ 400. It can be any traffic source you would like to purchase from (applicable on annual subscriptions only).

>> Subscribe through my link here to claim the bonuses

Besides the 2 above bonuses, I’ve got some exciting packages for you:

Bonus #3 — Learn How To Create Your First ECommerce Site [EBook]
Is your competitors beating you out of business because they have an presence and you don’t?

If you do not have an e-commerce website by now, it’s TIME TO MAKE THE LEAP!!!

For dealing with the Recession, your Plan B is Creating Your First e-Commerce Site.

Bonus #4 — Learn How To Maximize Profits For Your ECommerce Store [EBook]
If you are looking to make money online, or even if you want to improve the profits of your existing company; creating an e-commerce shop is an exceptional strategy.

Scratch that: that goes for small businesses and hobbyists, entrepreneurs, bloggers alike and this is 100% the best way.

Bold claim? Sure is!

But continue reading to find out we could be confident in making it.

Bonus #5 — Learn How To Set-Up Your ECommerce Store On WordPress [8 Videos]
While WordPress is one of the best, if not the platform, it can do much more than only a blog.

WordPress has become a pioneer in the platform because it’s easy to use, not to mention, how easy it is to install.

This top quality video set walks you through each step to create your very own WordPress store in any niche you want. The store can be used to sell either physical goods or market digital items.

What do you need?

I am sure, you are not looking for tens of thousands of dollars bonuses that help you in NO WAY to succeed

IMPORTANT — I get a referral fee if you get the Groove Kart subscription after reading my review. To be certain, please close any open sales page(s) and continue your purchase.

Three For One Hosting 2018 Review

Three For One Hosting 2018 Inspection — Introduction

As you probably know, Hosting is quite important in our internet business. It helps us protect and manage our website better. I’ve spent plenty of money on hosting each month. However, it’s only the last until I know something that keeps me saving things faster and faster.

So, today I need to present a tool that has to host all you need without effort. I’ve experienced and see the terrific results. I need to discuss it with you and hope you could find the solution for your company.Three For One Hosting 2018 Review

  • Niche: Software

Three For One Hosting is the platform supply evergreen web hosting with many lifetime features. It’s different from another hosting. Three For One Hosting 2018 simply means the customer will pay 1 time for their own hosting. It will continue to host your sites provided that they like.

About the Writer — Richard Madison?

If you’re working in the advertising field, I am positive that you know Richard Madison. He is among the most famous digital marketers in addition to software developers. He’s succeeded in several product launches. He’s been gathering a enormous number of relevant knowledge and techniques to construct a successful business. He then decided to switch to launch products to assist other marketers. You can get the information about him and his goods online.

Characteristics of Three For One Hosting 2018

Mobile / Reactive Builder: You build your site once and it’s optimized for desktop, notebook, tablet computers, phablets and telephones. It’s built once and exhibit anywhere.

Double free domains: You may have two-lifetime domain registrations with solitude on each base package. A $79.90 value over its normal price and save hundreds over recurring domain name registrations and solitude.

Drive traffic to your site.

You’ll have 5GB of free lifetime FTP storage for WordPress backups, cPanel, backups, desktop copies or anything you like.

Reactive drag and drop Site builder to ensure 100% cellular compatible sites.

Faster loading sites (better hardware, software & service ).

The only real installer for WordPress, etc…

The practice of working is simple and easy for you to follow. Even while you’ve got no pro technical skills or expertise, you can get the job done well.

Hosting on the Site.

Step 3: Optimize-enjoy higher performance of the site.

I used it as beta tester so I compared it to other competitions. I want give you a summary between Three For One Hosting and many others.

Three For One Hosting 2018 will be an ideal option for anybody who wants a product to sponsor their webpage. You may need it if you would like an unlimited host shop. In any case, freelancers can use it. So long as you need to host their information, you want this tool to control your webpage. It provides you better traffic and has recorded higher in Google Maps to discover leads from the keywords no matter the niche.

In my estimation, Three For One Hosting 2018 are the best choice for:

  • Local marketers
  • Search Engine Optimization SEO
  • Video marketers
  • Email marketers
  • Web designers
  • Manager in reputation

Three For One Hosting 2018 Review — Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Nothing to download or install
  • No technical skills or expertise required
  • Refund policy
  • Never any renewal fees.


Not any

Three For One Hosting 2018 Review — Cost and Evaluation

Front End — Three For One Hosting — (See Details)

Copper 1 ($14.95) -It includes hosting for 1 site, 250 MB storage (Early Bird Save $5).

Nickel 4($37) — It comprises hosting for 4 sites, 4 GB storage (Early Bird Save $10).

Diamond 12($67) — It comprises hosting for 12 sites, 12 GB storage (Early Bird Save $20).

OTO1 — Triple Up($14.95 — $67) — (See Details)

It’ll triple your resources to the exact price you paid on the front end (Early Bird Save $5 — $20).

OTO2 — Domain Bundle — Diamond($67) — (See Details)

You’ll have 12-lifetime domain names with lifetime privacy (Early Bird Save $20).

OTO2 Downsell — Domain Bundle Ruby ($37)

You’ll have 6-lifetime domain names with lifetime privacy (Early Bird Save $10).

OTO3 — Add-on Bundle Diamond ($77) — (See Details)

It features unlimited lifetime SSL certificates, lifetime priority backup and recovery, white glove cPanel migration and 6-lifetime domain names with lifetime domain coverage (a $339.40 worth ) (Early Bird Save $20).

OTO3 Downsell — Add-on Bundle Ruby ($37)

It features unlimited lifetime SSL certificates, lifetime priority backup & recovery and 1-lifetime domain with lifetime domain coverage (a $119.85 value) (Early Bird Save 10 ).

LifetimeHosting 2018 Inspection — Conclusion

Three For One Hosting 2018 is crucial for online business people. It can help you protect your information. It requires you to pay once for lifetime support.

With Lifetime. Hosting 2018 you’ll no longer waste time and money with storage . All that above is all I’ve experienced with Three To One Hosting. You should attempt to see the fantastic results it brings. I’m sure it won’t disappoint you. I’ve succeeded and I hope you also.

Moreover, remember that you could select one from many valuable bonuses if you get this product. There’s the 30-day money back guarantee to ensure your investment is secure.

Thank you for reading. Very good luck!

Why Sociible Is Vital For You?

Sociible Review With Sociible High Quality Bonuses

An Ultimate Social Bookmarking Tool That Comes That Ranks Your Videos In 1st Page Of Google Within 48 Hours Or LESS.

Why Sociible Is Vital For You?

Hey guys,
Are you tired of not getting the traffic and rankings you deserve?
Are you tired of working day in and day out to feel like your company is not producing results?

Then you have probably landed on the ideal page for obtaining a solution. Well, believe it always been a feeling of disappointment when you see after logging into your analytics account that only a couple of traffic has visited your site/videos or seeing zero income after logging. This is the issue for many of the marketers, bloggers, website owners or even for SEO professionals that are newbie.

Then they are pointless, if your videos aren’t currently producing some sort of results. If they are not bringing in telephone calls or traffic, commissions, you might as well be running a non-profit organization.Why Sociible Is Vital For You?

Creating backlinks manually is time or a boring taking work. Freelance your backlink task also dig a huge hole. However, what if all that can change for you? What if there was a piece of software which you can count on to deliver your page 1 rankings on a basis?

Well by keeping in mind with all those stuffs the distinguished online marketers Joshua Zamora, Mitch Balazic and Mike Thomas have come up with their latest inclusion called ‘Sociible’, The ultimate social bookmarking software that will help you to fetch page 1 ranking in Google for your videos and websites just in a few clicks of your mouse button. What’s more, this single piece of software build over 500 high-quality links to any URL you want in a few clicks and it’ll do all of the stuff for you starting from creating accounts, together with posting, verifying, and even indexing. Well isn’t that cool enough for you guys?

Imagine yourself sitting back and relaxing while this software takes care of all of the grunt work for you, 24 hours a day…

Imagine …

How much traffic you may begin getting. .
Commissions will begin flowing into your accounts?
Once you have the assurance to rank # 1 at 19, Just how much more you can charge your customers?

Let see through this Sociible Review how this software will help you in fetching 1st Page ranking in Google for your videos. .

About The Creator

Joshua Zamora, Mitch Balazic and Mike From Maine all are a renowned name in the fraternity of internet marketing where Joshua is well-known Video & Affiliate marketer and a leading product launcher. Joshua had established hot selling products in Jvzoo like Samurai BluePrint, Seemless SEO, Tube Sniper, Zamurai PBN Blueprint, to name a few. Joshua here teamed up with Mitch Balazic and Mike to bring this social bookmarking software’Sociible’.

What is Sociible?

Sociible is another generation social bookmarking software that helps you to build over more than 500 high quality bookmarks to any URL of your choice. You no need to have any sorts of abilities and you need to work from anywhere across the world as this works on autopilot. Well, apart from building over 500 high-quality hyperlinks to any URLs you need, this software will do everything for you on full autopilot regarding beginning from account creation, posting articles, to verifying and even indexing your links in search engines.

  • Gets you FAST, page rankings
  • Builds over 500+ high-quality bookmarks to ANY URL You Want
  • Has one-click so it does ALL the work for you in ONE click posting capabilities
  • The pro version has a built-in drip feeding Choice to give your campaigns that texture
  • Allows you to export reports of your campaigns
  • and much MUCH more

Advantages Of Sociible:-

To use this software you don’t have to have any types of technical skills or know how as it comes with video tutorials, training manuals AND a complete support forum.

Works Incredibly Faster –

You may place Sociible to work for you and start building quality links that are High on autopilot.

Easy To Use –

One of the software you used. Here, the development team has put it into 4 clicks of your mouse.

Need Very Little Time To Manage –

Get Rank Faster In An Affordable Low Cost –

As soon as you start using Sociible from outsourcing websites you no longer have to outsource any work and neither need to buy any expensive software to get results.

Works From Any Location –

Well, as you are getting your internet connection actively working on your PC or laptop, this software will be working from any areas of the world at any point of time.

Features Of Sociible:-

Once your project is configured, all you need to do is click the”One-Click Posting” button and the whole process of social bookmarking account creation, email confirmation, posting and connection verification will occur automatically.

Multiple CMS Support –

Sociible supports the following platforms: Hotaru, GetBoo and Pligg, PHPDug, Scuttle, Scuttle Plus. New platforms are being constantly added.

Automatic Updates –

Software updates are pushed out. Bugs are fixed. Customer’s ideas and requests have been heard and frequently integrated. But most importantly – the upgrade happens at Sociible startup.

Local Database Storage –

Sociible uses local database. That means everything that happens (when you add sites to a project or make an article) in Sociible is saved in the database and stays there until you delete it.

Multi-threaded –

Up to 200 threads can be used for every imaginable action = blazing fast action! For those of you that do not know what threads are said it’s like having 200 browsers open doing all the work simultaneously.

Proxy Support –

Personal HTTP proxies and anonymous may be used with Sociible. It includes a handy proxy handling interface which includes checking if proxies are residing, measuring reaction time, Etc.. They are always being rotated to prevent bans, when using proxies.

Spins Feature –

That means of the content rewriting is like a walk in the park and a easy.

Captcha Support –

We’ve built solving engine, that will solve the easiest captcha types. Captcha Sniper and deathByCaptcha ImageTyperz, GSA Captcha Breaker are supported. You can fix the captcha by entering text from answering questions or pictures.

Export Links –

Sociible can export both just posted or also already verified links. It can export them in a simple TXT file or in a more in-depth Excel format (which includes website’s platform, PR, do-follow status, etc.). Ideal for the ones that offer social bookmarking services, or anyone else that wants a report.

Powerful Scheduler –

Jobs, consisting of jobs (Registration, E-mail Confirmation, Posting, Link Verification) are added through a simple wizard. Each task can: run once (date/time specified by user), or report: hourly, daily, weekly, monthly. Number of sites can be specified for each job.

Links Indexing –

Sociible includes a finger that is built in, so your link building efforts won’t go unnoticed. We have integrated with Linklicious Indexification and LinkPipeline which can do wonders to your links.

SocialBase –

SocialBase is a massive database of working social bookmarking websites which are constantly being refreshed and monitored. There are hundreds of working sites accessible SocialBase.

Sites Filteration –

You can filter individual job and SocialBase websites to target. Some of the filters Do-Follow filter Captcha Filter, Platform Filter, .Edu &. Gov Filter.

Live Links Checker –

Articles can easily be checked for connection presence. You can also export links that are live.

Logging Facility –

Sometimes everything doesn’t go according to the plan. There can be lots of reasons for failure and with Sociible you know what’s wrong. Every action and outcome could be logged and reviewed at a later time.

Blacklists –

We all know that sites in a”bad neighborhood” can have a negative impact on your rankings. That Sociible allows you to add sites that are bad to a blacklist. This way you can exclude them.

-:: Check Some True Case Studies::-

— Case Study 2 —

— Case Study 3 —

Accidental Page 1 Replies with Mike From Maine -…

Number one with Sociible – YouTube

Some Additional Important Characteristics Of Sociible:-

  • Dead Websites Test / Removal
  • Check Duplicates Removal
  • Check a Lot Of Customizability And Settings
  • Check Beautiful And Intuitive User Interface
  • Syntax support for fields
  • Assess Custom coded in C#
  • Check Actions retry/delay
  • Check Drip feeding
  • Check Built-in Article Scraper
  • Software updates happen
  • Assess PR And Platform Checker
  • User’s Manual And Community Forum
  • Comes with full step-by-step Video Training
  • Get support— Fast Action Taker Bonus —

Bonus 1 – List Of Top PR Bookmarking sites:-

One of the toughest things to do when it comes to building bookmarks is to get the ideal sites. In this bonus, you get hand sites that you can start submitting to right away! These sites have authority and Pagerank.

All you need to know about ranking videos has been shared with you by inside of Zamurai Video Blueprint Zamora. He shared how to find profitable keywords, how to optimize your videos for ranks, what affiliate networks to trust and much more. You’ll have the entire blueprint to rank videos.

Bonus 3 – Over The Shoulder Gold Rush Video:-

In this video you will know how to obtain the keywords for conversions. You see how to find keywords live that is an keyword research process. You’ll gain an confidence in finding keywords that are great after watching this video.

Bonus 4 – Live 90 mins Question & Training Answer Sessions:-

With this Q & A Joshua some advanced video strategies that will help you even further. He will show you some ninja strategies that you won’t hear anyplace else.

Sociible Review Conclusion

Well, before wrapping up this review, we would like to mention that if you would like to boost-up your Video ranking Sociible is the ultimate arsenal. With a whole lot of advantages and helpful features this software helps you to boost your Video ranking combined and through automatic generation of 500 backlinks with that auto creation of account creation articles and even indexing. This is your ideal companion if you are a marketer that is video.

Apart from that you are getting 30 days money back guarantee so you don’t have any loss if you buy this program. Also, you are currently getting this software at discount price that is 70%. It’s a deal that is special.

So To Choose Sociible?

  • Create New Projects With One Click
  • ONE-click Automatic Profile Generator
  • Quickly Import Social Bookmarking Sites In As Straightforward As 2 Clicks
  • 1. Register 2. POST In ONE-Click AUTOMATICALLY.
  • TONS of Multi-Threading and Posting Options
  • Easily Drip Feed Your Efforts For Link Building
  • 521 High-Quality Bookmarks Created and Automatically

So what the heck you’re waiting for? Secure Sociible and begin getting Google 1st Page.

Affiliazon DFY Discount and Enjoy Brilliant Coupon on Cost

Affiliazon DFY Review

Affiliate marketing has become competitive. By dealing with Amazon products but some entrepreneurs are currently getting a massive income. A number of these entrepreneurs utilizes niche packs that are profitable. Affiliazon DFY is among those niche packs that are profitable.

We know Amazon has distinct sorts of products. It gives a few quality toys. But this isn’t a simple task. For doing so, You’ve got to spend hours. It offers everything required to generate an Amazon affiliate marketing that is impressive with a few toys that are lucrative. For pricing and some features, this alternative is becoming popular to the entrepreneurs. Please get the affiliate marketing tool that is amazon and have Affiliazon DFY coupon.Affiliazon DFY Review

Here are some features and advantages:

Some Review Videos

Some toys have been discovered by affiliazon DFY. The solution’s group has generated converting testimonials of these toy. They added these videos and voiceover. They added this solution and these testimonials together. That meansthese contents are prepared for boosting session of one or more of these toys to be used. You need to decide on on some contents to your project and use them. But you might have to make voiceovers. Because of this, 10 review videos are also offered by Affiliazon DFY without voiceovers. Any sort of voice recording could be added to those contents.

Very Attractive Discount and prices

Affiliazon DFY Toy Edition is an entire niche pack which delivers a features. But compared to these attributes, the Amazon niche pack’s price isn’t that high. The price of the solution is 37 USD minus the reduction. However, in accordance with 21 July 2017, you can buy it by paying just 15.42 USD. With this item, some launching time bonuses are available. This book is useful for creating a few list that is profitable. You can sell this book. Second bonus is 128 PLR Articles. It’s pack of a few high.

Some Other Facilities

This solution provides each of them and a few features are effective. You’ll find some article that is premade for each toys suggested it. That means, it won’t be required to catch the reviews for all these toys. And for each toy, 5 banners are offered by this option. Affiliazon DFY Toy Edition delivers a list of over 1 thousand keywords. Some contest data are added to this item.

Please buy the affiliate marketing tool with voucher in 2018.